The Rashomon Effect is perception. The subjectivity of recollection. It’s how we see the world based on our experiences and how we manipulate those into the written word.

The Rashomon Effect aims to publish a collection of writers and poets, drunks and ramblers based around the globe that may or may not go on to greatness.

It is non-commercial and because of this we are not bound by the needs of sponsors or advertisers, this means we can publish whatever we like. And we will. However this also means that we cannot pay or compensate any contributors for their work. Everyone involved in the project does it for the sheer love of creating something.

We are constantly on the lookout for contributors and we accept all forms and genres of the written word, old and new. If you’re interested in contributing in any way please email our address below.


By submitting work you are allowing us to publish it online and in a print medium. The rights to the work, however, will be yours and we will not make a cent from anything you send.