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New Blog!

Well, the 3 laziest bloggers around have sorted themselves out and have moved to a new site, complete with a new domain name! And you thought we’d just given up. Juggling full time jobs, our drinking schedule and for some of us; extended periods of traveling, has led us to neglect TRE over the past few months. We’ve lost Colin for a while as he travels round Europe in an over-sized bumblebee but myself and Grant hope to provide you with regular content from now on. That’s certainly our intent, and if intent is enough for Barry Obama to win a Nobel Peace Prize well then it should be enough for us.

We have all the pieces from our first print issue of The Rashomon Effect, plus some aces brand new stuff from fellow unreliable narrators. TRE team member, Grant Walker, has also revisited Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s classic story of deceit (and inspiration for the film Rashomon), In a Grove, and delivered us a modern reworking based here in Amsterdam and on true events.

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New Article

We’ve never been to Tokyo, but Andrew Westbrook has. He’s been kind enough to send us his top tips on how to get the best of the city. Check it out here:

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