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17 (ish) Syllables

T’other day we were asked, by our BFF Sarah Glesson, to contribute a haiku or two to be included in a booklet that’ll be on sale at an art exhibition in Sydney to raise bucks for Japan. We overcame our general misanthropy to pull together a few.

For an orange hue
Forsake the sunscreen and shade
Leather handbag face

A. Gowland

Coursing through the veins
Boiling without thought


I’m made of rubber


spring eyes, unseasoned
the peripheral, unnamed
thoughts, unpredicted


Summer in Malta
The sun dries up the water
Ruins Karl’s boat ride

A lofty city
Is never really dark
I forget the night

Through an open pane
Their lives framed on the street
A girl paints her nails

Charlie Bronson glares
From the T-shirt mug-shot
Queens’s day junk sale

Bikes veer too close
Urgent sounds of horns and bells
Flutes played in the street

 We’ll post details of the exhibition when we know them. In the meantime you can give to the red cross here. Sarah also has an excellent blog which you should definitely check out.


PS – FYI just in case anyone notices some of those aren’t 5-7-5, a syllable isn’t the same as a Japanese on so there is a lot of room for manoeuvre.